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Mission Statement — Quatrain ƒotographic Workshops is dedicated to supporting photography as an art form, and providing a meeting place for those seeking to create meaningful images. QƒW offers high-quality educational experiences with industry standard tools & techniques to unleash creativity and offer connections to a community of people that share similar artistic passions. Quatrain ƒotographic is... seeing, thinking, teaching. Visual Poetry.

This introductory-level, hands-on course features photo imaging software workflow that's open to all skill levels. Participants benefit the most from this workshop by bringing basic computer hardware and software literacy skills and proficiencies. To successfully complete the course, participants are required to bring a portable computer with adequate storage capacity to support Adobe Lightroom Classic.

UP & RUNNING FORMAT [1 Work Session]:
SAT 20 FEBRUARY 1:00-5:00PM

•MAC or PC + Recent OS | 20GB Storage
•2GHz+ CPU w/64-bit | 4GB RAM | Graphics Card
•High-Speed Internet Connection
•Zoom Video Conferencing App. [free]
•Lightroom Classic [free, trial available]
•Previous versions of Lightroom welcome!

CAPACITY: 8 Participants

TUITION: $75 | Sliding Scale

Adobe® Lightroom® for Beginners | Darkroom Detroit


COURSE DESCRIPTION — Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful photography editing and management application that has a mystifying reputation. This beginner-level, online experience gets participants up and running in Lightroom, featuring important core concepts and workflow strategies. Those seeking moral and technical support to manage an existing Lightroom catalog are welcome to join this workshop too, so that peculiar "The file could not be found" error message goes away.

We examine creative image processing tools & techniques in addition to batch-processing numerous images. The most commonly used tasks such as white balancing, retouching, gradients, and other local adjustments are addressed.

We export newly processed images from Lightroom and discuss various file formats [JPG, PSD, or TIF] that best support the future use of an image. The instructor presents several demonstrations, but accomodates screen sharing time with participants to resolve questions about their own images and catalogs. Participants are required to have a computer with Lightroom Classic installed to successfully complete the course.

What does "synchronous online format" mean? Synchronous online learning uses video-conferencing technology [zoom] to create real-time learning environments. The private, virtual classroom allows participants and instructor to dynamically interact with Photoshop demonstrations via screen sharing, enabling anyone to literally point to things they have questions about, and to get instant answers. Synchronous online learning requires all participants to show up at the same days and times posted, instead of watching pre-recorded videos.

Adobe® and Lightroom® are registered trademarks of Adobe Inc. in the United States and other countries. Adobe Lightroom screenshot reproduced with permission from Adobe Inc.

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Up & Running
Lightroom for Beginners
SAT 20 FEB 1:00-5:00PM
Weekend Intensive
Adobe Lightroom Unmasked
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Up & Running
Introduction to Photoshop
SAT 20 MARCH 1:00-5:00PM
Online Tutor & Consultant
Workflow | Exhibit | Custom
Offered Year-Round


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