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Consultations Workflow Strategies

Software Tutoring

Custom designed software tutorial experiences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographic image makers, offering expert advisement and workflow strategies for Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom, whether the need calls for input, processing, or output. Since software tutoring is by nature a time-intensive commitment for clients, it typically requires greater demands on my time too, so it’s the most resonable & affordable rate posted here. The rate for a single participant is posted below along with a rate scale accommodating up to three people, at a lower rate per person. Learn software with photo-savvy friends! Conducted in-person or via Zoom.

Consultations Edit With Intention

Portfolio Reviews

Custom designed experiences for intermediate to advanced photographic image makers with existing projects, ready to be taken to the next level of development, for presentation to sophisticated viewing audiences such as editors, art buyers, publishers, collectors, or other communication professionals. Very good, or better, proficiencies with Adobe Lightroom [or similar] are required for editing tasks and digital asset management. Previous clients have asked for advisement to produce self-published books, prepare collections of work for a portfolio review, and/or re-building their Website, to name a few. Conducted in-person or via Zoom.

Consultations Sequence & Spot

Private Consultations

Custom designed experiences for advanced photographers with an existing body of work in need of some final editing that is ready to be framed & displayed. The final works are thematically sequenced and spotted by means of visiting, pre-visualizing, and literally measuring spaces available at the exhibit venue, weeks ahead of the opening. Our objectives to establish ambiance, tone, and driving a message to your viewing audience are paramount. The perceived value of your work hanging in the context of any exhibit space can be increased because of the time we take to strategically think and plan things out. Conducted mixed-mode, in-person and via Zoom.

Consultations You Name It...

Customized Consultations

Do you have topics or project consultation ideas not mentioned here? Customized experiences for virtually any level of photographer can be designed. Over the past decade I have worked with a wide range of client needs: from advisements for their business plan and branding collateral to studio & location lighting techniques; from managing web-based portfolio service providers to HTML & CSS coding, to name just a few. A Session Fee appropriate to the complexity of your situation can be easily calculated. Conducted in-person or via Zoom.

Limited-Capacity Tutoring Sessions

Sessions Limited to Three People

I typically conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions, but sometimes two or more people request working together on the same software tools & techniques. This works well as long as everyone has their own technology to work from [camera, computer, software, etc.], so the session rates are calculated to be slightly less per person. It’s worth considering the option to ask a friend, companion, or relative to join in. Group tutoring sessions offer limited capacity at three participants however, since four or more transitions into a workshop format.

Scheduling Frequency

Low Risk Investment with High Returns

A "one-shot" session can be conducted, of course, or we can meet however frequently as needed to reach your objectives. I worked with a client recently that asked me to conduct a two-hour session, every two weeks, over a four-month period of time. We completed a good amount of Photoshop & Lightroom work, but the real goal was to produce a gallery exhibit of a specific collection of images. A different client requested one-hour sessions, every two weeks, over a similar period of time to edit & sequence a self-published book. A Retainer Fee is viable, and a more flexible option for some clients.

Rates & Services

Individual Session Rates | 2024

Workflow Strategies: $70 USD/hr

Edit With Intention: $80 USD/hr

Sequence & Spot: $90 USD/hr

Prorated in 15-min. increments

Client Query


Please use this query form to contact me with questions about arranging a consultation that meets your needs.

Rates & Services

Limited-Capacity Rates | 2024

2 people: $120 USD/hr

3 people: $150 USD/hr

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