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Mission Statement — Quatrain ƒotographic Workshops is dedicated to supporting photography as an art form, and providing a meeting place for those seeking to create meaningful images. QƒW offers high-quality educational experiences with industry standard tools & techniques to unleash creativity and offer connections to a community of people that share similar artistic passions. Quatrain ƒotographic is... seeing, thinking, teaching. Visual Poetry.

Workshop Calendar2019-2020

Autumn Weekend Intensive
Lightroom Unmasked | Darkroom Detroit
Fri 11 Oct ›› Sun 13 Oct 2019
Winter Weekend Intensive
Basic Photography
February 2020
Spring Weekend Intensive
Street Photography — Detroit
June 2020


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Client Query

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Autumn Weekend Intensive:

Adobe® Lightroom® Unmasked

Fri 11 Oct — Sun 13 Oct 2019 | Darkroom Detroit

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC software is a powerful photography editing and management application that has a mystifying reputation. Unmask and reveal Lightroom's potential to smoothly integrate it into your own workflow in this weekend-intensive workshop.

This three-day, hands-on course features photo imaging software workflow that's open to all skill levels. Participants benefit the most from this workshop by bringing basic computer hardware and software literacy skills and proficiencies, in addition to basic Digital Single Lens Reflex [DSLR] and/or Mirrorless, Micro Four-Thirds [MFT] camera operation skills.

Winter Weekend Intensive:
Basic Photography

February 2020

This three-day, introductory-level course comprehensively studies several foundation digital photography workflow skills and proficiencies rooted in Digital Single Lens Reflex [DSLR] and/or Mirrorless, Micro Four-Thirds [MFT] camera operation skills. Everything from the production of accurate exposures controlled via the combination of aperture, shutter, and ISO, selecting an appropriate white balance setting, to composition and color strategies, to image editing and processing, and various methods of output and presentation are addressed.

The course content features short lectures and demonstrations, hands-on time producing photographs on-location, and two critiques. For more sustainable and efficient use of time, locations are walkable, and in proximity to the class meeting space. It doesn't matter whether you're just somewhat experienced or an absolute rank amatuer, join us in taking charge of your photography in this fun, interactive, and very supportive learning environment!

Spring Weekend Intensive:
Street Photography in Detroit

June 2020

This three-day workshop offers methods and practices to develop a personal approach in the genre of street photography, and designed with the intermediate- to advanced-level photographer in mind. With decades of experience photographing in the streets, in various corners of the globe, Don walks students through the process of seeing and capturing lyrical moments found in everyday life while exploring the energized and enigmatic city of Detroit.

The course content features short lectures and demonstrations, hands-on time producing photographs, and two critiques. Locations favor situations found in the depths of this historic city, such as around Grand Circus Park, the Theatre District, and Washington Boulevard. Regardless of whether participants prefer to render their images in color, or black and white, they can still learn to see and capture the dramatic, penetrating light modulated by skyscapers in the depths of the city, study the relationship of figure and ground, gesture, point and counter-point, in addition to several other compositional strategies.


Registrations are completed through Darkroom Detroit

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